Why So Many Industries Rely On AirClean Systems’ Activated Carbon Filters

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Activated carbon filters are used by a surprising range of industries that need to remove fumes, vapours and dust from the air. While many people think of activated carbon air filters as either something to put on their furnace or used in a high school or college laboratory, these filters are used by dozens of industries. In fact, they are often used in fume hoods, workstations and a variety of industry-specific containment systems.


Industries Protecting Employees

One of the primary reasons an activated carbon filter is used in an industrial situation is to protect employees from potentially hazardous fumes, vapour or dust. Hospitals and research labs often use these filters to protect their employees from the fumes of potent disinfecting solutions. In some research facilities, exposure to powerful toxins is possible if a fume hood or carbon filter isn’t in place.


Industries Protecting Products Or Experiments

The protection of an activated carbon filter is also critical if a laboratory, research facility or hospital is developing proprietary formulas for medical compounds or solutions. This is particularly important in the biotech arena, where researchers are frequently working with samples that are extremely delicate and susceptible to contamination from their environment. Ducted and recirculating fume hoods are capable of filtering contaminants out of the immediate environment so that fragile biologics aren’t compromised.


Industries That Use Activated Carbon Filters To Protect The User, The Environment And The Product

Of course, most industries that want to protect their products or experiments also want to protect the environment and their people from being exposed to potential toxins. In many clinical and research situations, the system that keeps the air clean enough for proper research is also the system that will protect a doctor or researcher from exposure to irritating or dangerous vapours. The forensic sciences rely heavily on activated carbon filters to protect the environment, the evidence and the scientist using the equipment. Technology driven industries such as those that produce microchips and electrical systems also rely on fume hoods. They use air extraction systems to shield their products from environmental contamination while protecting employees from dust as a by-product of production procedures.


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