Qualities to look for in a fume hood distributor

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Many laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and other businesses that use chemicals or powders that can be toxic require some form of containment solution. Whether a ducted or ductless fume hood, the environment and/or work area needs to be clear of these toxins. Purchasing base supplies do not require much forethought, I am sure you do not spend hours of research on pens for the office. However, when making an investment in a product that will provide safety to your team you will want to make sure your distributor/supplier has the following qualities:


Knowledgeable – It is important to find a distributor/supplier that has in-depth product knowledge. Understanding the capabilities of a ductless fume hood is one component of knowledge, but understanding which hood and accompanying filter type will meet your individual needs most effectively is key to getting the right product.

Specialists – Do you want to trust your key repairs at home to people who have various experience, or do you trust someone who is an expert in the field? You are making a major investment in your business, so you should work with someone who is an expert in fume hoods. Many distributors offer various product lines and different models, but with 100’s of products how can they be an expert? You want to make sure the distributor you deal with specializes in fume hoods, ensuring that they can find the right product for your needs.

Customer Service/Technical Support–Distributors are companies that sell various products for multiple companies. The issue is that when you purchase this equipment and you need support who do you call? You should check to see if your distributor offers support after the sale. Chasing down answers can be a significant cost to your organization, but having a distributor that offers customer service will allow you to get a faster response.

Experience – It is important to understand your distributor’s experience with the product. Talking to a supplier who has little experience with the fume hood may not result in an educated decision. As with any major decision, speaking to someone with extensive experience can provide you more confidence in your decision. Leveraging their experience with fume hoods will provide you more insight into the right product for our business.

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