PowderSafe Powder Weighing Enclosures

PowderSafe™ ductless balance enclosures are the first microprocessor controlled ventless enclosures on the market, ushering in a new era of containment technology for powder weighing equipment and associated processes. All PowderSafe™ ductless balance enclosures are designed to provide occupational exposure protection from toxic powders and potent compounds. For further protection, the specialized PowderSafe™ Type C enclosure is designed to allow for both containment of toxic powders and chemical fumes and vapours. PowderSafe™ balance enclosures are ideal for use when the pharmaceutical technician is using powder weighing equipment or manipulating potent compounds. In order to ensure operator safety, PowderSafe™ ductless balance enclosures have been independently tested and verified for containment of particulate.

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