Myths & Misconceptions

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Some of the filters for ductless fume hoods cost a lot and must be disposed of as hazardous waste, which can become expensive.


Disposal of the filters falls within the normal PPE process. Because adsorption of the chemicals occurs at the molecular level, the chemical ceases to exist as such, there is no risk of chemical escape. The filters can then be disposed of as you would normally.

The ductwork and make-up air equipment and the associated energy costs of ducted fume hoods far surpasses the cost of replacement filters and their disposal.

AirClean Systems filters are guaranteed to last 12 – 24 months before reaching saturation. The replacement filter costs vary depending on your application but are anywhere from $250-$700. As always, one should look at the overall total cost of ownership. The average 6′ ductless fume hood saves a facility $6,000 in annual energy savings, yielding a total ownership savings year after year.
Also, when a building is designed for ductless fume hoods, the construction costs are much lower than those using ducted hoods.

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