How To: Clean Your DrySafe™ Evidence Drying Locker.

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The following instructions should be observed for the cleaning of the DrySafe™ evidence drying cabinet.

1) Turn “BLOWER” on. Don appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

2) Inside each chamber of your DrySafe, lower outer wall, you will find a grid with vertical slots. There will be black knobs (6) surrounding this grid. Loosen these knobs without removing them. Once loosened slide the grid toward you (front of cabinet) to close off the HEPA filter. Tighten the black knobs to secure the grid into the closed position. Closing this section will protect the HEPA filter during the cleaning process. Attention should be given not to over tighten the knobs; they will strip. Only tighten to firm, by hand.

3) Unscrew and remove the perforated cover on the ceiling of the chamber and replace with one of the two solid HEPA covers and then replace the screw knobs. This will cover the main HEPA filters and protect the filters from getting wet. There is a Pre-filter velcroed to the perforated cover, which will be removed and set aside.

4) While shelves are in the “up” position, spray SPORICIDIN on all inside surfaces of the cabinet and underside of shelves. DON’T SPRAY THE INSIDE OF THE DOOR.

5) Lower shelves and spray their topsides, making sure that spray coats inside holes.

6) Spray sponge with SPORICIDIN and wipe down the inside of the door.

7) Return shelves to “up” position.

8) Before closing door, remove PPE and dispose of properly.

9) Close door and latch. Turn “Blower” off for at least 20 minutes.

10) After 20 minutes, don appropriate PPE.

11) Open cabinet and remove pre-filter from ceiling; package as potential trace evidence.

12) Using a household detergent solution and sponge, thoroughly wipe down the door and inside surfaces of the cabinet. WHEN FINISHED SQUEEZE OUT SPONGE AND EMPTY THE BUCKET INTO THE BOTTOM OF THE CABINET.

13) Attach hose to pump fixture (if not already); put open end in waste liquid container. Press “PUMP” on control panel to pump out waste solution.

14) Turn “PUMP” off when the cabinet is empty. DON’T RUN THE PUMP WHEN THE CABINET IS EMPTY OR DRY. Dump contents of waste container in sink or toilet. Remove PPE and dispose of properly. Store bucket and sponge to dry.

15) Loosen black knobs that hold the grids in place. Slide the grid to the rear of the cabinet to open up air in-take for HEPA. Once the grid is slide to the rear of the cabinet tighten the black knobs once again to hold the grid in the open position. This will now allow air to be drawn through the Cabinet again. Attention should be given not to over tighten the knobs; they will strip. Only tighten to firm, by hand.

16) Install new Pre-filter in cabinet ceiling and replace the solid HEPA cover with the perforated top HEPA cover.

17) Close all three latches to seal door. Lock middle latch.

18) Label and initial blue tie band. Secure locked latch to hasp with tie band.

19) Turn “BLOWER” on until cabinet is dry (minimum 20 minutes). TURN “POWER” OFF.

If you have any questions, please call (905) 825-5782 to discuss your needs with one of AirClean Systems Canada’s trained representatives.

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