Compare Apples to Apples…

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When making purchase decisions make sure you’re comparing apples to apples – and remember, not all apples are the same!

As consumers we like to be informed about our purchases. Knowing your needs and understanding the product’s features will allow you to compare different products and make an informed decision. When making these purchase decisions it is important to compare Apples to Apples and make sure you really get all of the features you want and have asked for!

Imagine for a moment going to a grocery store and mulling over your purchase decision for that perfect apple – the one that meets all your perfect apple criteria. You’ve done your research and have decided that this apple is indeed the apple you want, so you buy your apple and head home. Now imagine the moment you go to eat your perfect apple. You pick it up and go for your first delicious bite. Before you’ve even sunk your teeth in you’ve imagined just how this apple is going to taste, feel and sound – but wait! – now that you’re mid chew you discover that although this looked like your perfect apple and everything at the grocery store lead you to believe it was the right choice – it’s actually not the right apple at all! Somehow at the grocery store you had purchased an apple that was close to your perfect apple, but in reality was actually not…

When it comes to buying your next ductless fume hood or workstation, let AirClean Systems Canada help you avoid this situation. We can walk you through all the features and benefits of our products and help you compare this to your other options.  We want to make sure you get the workstation that you really want and need for your safety requirements.  We’ll review all the details­­ – from the required filters, to your delivery requirements, and even custom modifications to ensure the product that you purchase is the product that you really want and need. AirClean Systems Canada is your direct source for AirClean Systems products in Canada – so give us a call at 1 866 718 0505 or email us here!


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