Compare Apples to Apples…

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When making purchase decisions make sure you’re comparing apples to apples – and remember, not all apples are the same!

As consumers we like to be informed about our purchases. Knowing your needs and understanding the product’s features will allow you to compare different products and make an informed decision. When making these purchase decisions it is important to compare Apples to Apples and make sure you really get all of the features you want and have asked for!

Imagine for a moment going to a grocery store and mulling over your purchase decision for that perfect apple – the one that meets all your perfect apple criteria. You’ve done your research and have decided that this apple is indeed the apple you want, so you buy your apple and head home. Now imagine the moment you go to eat your perfect apple. You pick it up and go for your first delicious bite. Before you’ve even sunk your teeth in you’ve imagined just how this apple is going to taste, feel and sound – but wait! – now that you’re mid chew you discover that although this looked like your perfect apple and everything at the grocery store lead you to believe it was the right choice – it’s actually not the right apple at all! Somehow at the grocery store you had purchased an apple that was close to your perfect apple, but in reality was actually not…

When it comes to buying your next ductless fume hood or workstation, let AirClean Systems Canada help you avoid this situation. We can walk you through all the features and benefits of our products and help you compare this to your other options.  We want to make sure you get the workstation that you really want and need for your safety requirements.  We’ll review all the details­­ – from the required filters, to your delivery requirements, and even custom modifications to ensure the product that you purchase is the product that you really want and need. AirClean Systems Canada is your direct source for AirClean Systems products in Canada – so give us a call at 1 866 718 0505 or email us here!



Trade Show Update!

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AirClean Systems Canada is proud to announce our acceptance as a vendor at the Pharmasave National Conference and Buying Show!
The show will be held in Vancouver, BC on April 26 – 29, 2014. We will have our AC710C PowderSafe Balance Enclosure on display so attendees can have a first hand experience with the overall size and operation of the workstation. Come say hello at booth # 532!


2014 Product Catalogue is now available!

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AirClean Systems Canada is happy to announce the 2014 AirClean Systems product catalogue is now available!
Check it out!

2014 AC Catalogue


Myths & Misconceptions

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Some of the filters for ductless fume hoods cost a lot and must be disposed of as hazardous waste, which can become expensive.


Disposal of the filters falls within the normal PPE process. Because adsorption of the chemicals occurs at the molecular level, the chemical ceases to exist as such, there is no risk of chemical escape. The filters can then be disposed of as you would normally.

The ductwork and make-up air equipment and the associated energy costs of ducted fume hoods far surpasses the cost of replacement filters and their disposal.

AirClean Systems filters are guaranteed to last 12 – 24 months before reaching saturation. The replacement filter costs vary depending on your application but are anywhere from $250-$700. As always, one should look at the overall total cost of ownership. The average 6′ ductless fume hood saves a facility $6,000 in annual energy savings, yielding a total ownership savings year after year.
Also, when a building is designed for ductless fume hoods, the construction costs are much lower than those using ducted hoods.


Trade Show Update!

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AirClean Systems Canada is proud to be an exhibitor at the CSHP – PPC 2014 in Toronto, ON this Feb 3-4.  We will be at booth #506 showing-off one of our ductless laminar flow workstations.  Come on by and say hello!!


USP 797 & AirClean Systems Canada

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Compounding pharmacies are a critical, but often overlooked part of the healthcare continuum. Because of their direct impact on patient care, quality and safety are essential throughout these facilities.

Testing and quality standards for US facilities are addressed by the United States Pharmacopeial Convention; USP <797> provides guidelines for facilities in which compounded sterile preparations are prepared, stored and dispensed. Although USP 797 guidelines are not enforced in Canada, Health Canada recommends those engaged in sterile compounding should be knowledgeable and obtain specialized technical training in this area.**

What is USP 797? Does it apply to my pharmacy?
USP 797, the “Pharmaceutical Compounding – Sterile Preparations” chapter, outlines that sterile compounding procedures require clean facilities, specific training for operators, air quality evaluations, and a sound knowledge of sterilization and stability principles. If your pharmacy currently performs sterile compounding (or will be in the future), the new USP 797 chapter applies to you. There are many ways to meet USP Chapter 797’s requirements for a sterile compounding area – incorporating a laminar flow hood to an existing clean room environment can help you achieve USP 797 compliance as well as conserving valuable lab space.

Common sterile compounding applications involve:

  • injections
  • ophthalmic solutions
  • ointments
  • IV admixtures
  • inhalation solutions
  • allergens
  • bladder irrigating solutions

AirClean® Systems can help your pharmacy comply with USP 797.
According to USP 797, sterile compounding is to be prepared in an ISO 5 environment. AirClean® Systems manufactures ISO 5 vertical laminar flow workstations and horizontal laminar flow benches. Our workstations provide unidirectional airflow on the direct compounding area (DCA), which allows for optimum ‘first air’ contact with your application. Available in several sizes, AirClean® Systems laminar flow workstations are ideal for pharmacies looking for a USP 797 compliant containment solution for sterile compounding.
While both horizontal and vertical laminar flow workstations provide process protection in an ISO 5 environment, there are some differences between them. Which one is right for your pharmacy? It depends on your needs and the space you have available. Both styles are designed to fit on a standard bench top and plug into a regular 110V AC outlet. AirClean® Systems Horizontal Clean Benches are available in 52’’, 60’’, 72’’, and 102’’ widths. The Vertical Laminar Flow Workstations are available in 24’’, 32’’, and 48’’ widths.

USP 795: Operator Protection – for nonsterile preparations.
USP <795> outlines the responsibilities of the compounder, which can be summarized as being responsible for compounding preparations of acceptable strength, quality, and purity with appropriate packaging and labeling in compliance with requirements established by applicable laws and agencies. Specifically, the responsibilities of the compounder include the following general principles:

  • Personnel are capable and qualified to perform their assigned duties.
  • Compounding ingredients of the appropriate identity, quality, and purity are purchased from reliable sources.
  • All equipment used in compounding is clean, properly maintained, and used appropriately.
  • Only authorized personnel are allowed in the immediate vicinity of the drug compounding operations.
  • There is assurance that processes are always carried out as intended or specified and are reproducible.
  • The compounding environment is suitable for its intended purpose and to prevent errors.
  • Adequate procedures and records exist for investigating and correcting failures or problems in compounding, in testing, or in the preparation itself.

AirClean® Systems PowderSafe™ Type A enclosures provide an effective and safe environment when using powder weighing equipment in conjunction with toxic compounds or chemicals. A PowderSafe ductless fume hood provides your pharmacy with a distinct and accurate weighing environment for your non-sterile compounding.

Contact AirClean Systems Canada to see how one of our affordable ductless workstations can become part of your pharmacy’s action plan to be USP compliant.


** The 1996 Guidelines for Preparation of Sterile Products in Pharmacies of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) represent the current standard of practice for sterile compounding in Canada. However, these guidelines are practice recommendations, not enforceable standards. Previous surveys of sterile compounding practices have shown that actual practice deviates markedly from voluntary practice recommendations. In 2004, the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) published its “General Chapter <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding—Sterile Preparations”, which set a more rigorous and enforceable standard for sterile compounding in the United States.



Helpful Hints & Tips: Surge Protectors and Your AirClean Systems Workstation

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With all the volatile winter weather we’ve been experiencing recently, we thought it was a good time to remind our customers that their workstations should be plugged into a surge protector. A surge protector will protect your workstations from voltage spikes that can be caused by lightning strikes, power outages, tripped circuit breakers, etc.

A power surge can cause the microprocessor controller in your AirClean Systems workstation to reset – in some cases it may turn off one of the blowers, or even reset the controller entirely! These resets can either make it so your workstation does not work efficiently or so it is completely non-operational.

If you think your workstation may have been affected by a power surge or if you are unsure, please make a note of the face velocity and any alarm messages that appear on the LCD screen of your workstation and give us a call to walk through some troubleshooting steps or book a service visit.



‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – with a twist of AirClean!

Posted by: Kristina Covelli Lopez

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the lab
No ductless fume hood was present, it was all very sad;
With work to be done that required precision and care,
The lab techs hoped an AirClean hood would soon be there;

The hour was late and most techs were in bed,
While visions of ductless workstations danced in their heads.
With the quiet hum of the blowers to the durability of the sash,
The energy-cost savings would line their pockets with cash!

When out on the hallway there arose such a clatter,
The techs sprang from their beds to see what was the matter.
Away to the door they flew like a flash,
Rubbed their eyes twice and were completely a’ gasped.

Coming down their hallway like a glistening white knight,
Was an AC4000 – it was a beautiful sight!
The fume hood was gorgeous, the lab techs in tears.
They finally had one! They had been wishing for years!

With so little to set-up, they just needed to plug ‘er in,
They threw on the blower and started to grin.
Protection was here from vapours and fumes,
They’d be sucked-up and away, no longer consumed!

This hood was amazing, all the techs had to try,
When one little lab tech asked “Is this all we could buy?”,
The senior lab tech smiled and opened his book,
To the AirClean catalogue to have one more look!

From updrafts to downdrafts to walk-in enclosures,
The lab techs tried hard to maintain their composures.
The techs gathered around and started selecting some more.
They wanted another – they wanted AirClean galore!

T’was getting late and bed time had long since past,
The ordering would wait – but the delivery would be fast!
Off to bed they all went with hearts all a flurry,
They were excited to wake and asked for the morning to hurry!

 Their AC4000 stood so shiny and new,
With their AirClean controller so bright and so blue.
So beautifully constructed, their new hood was a sight!
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!




How To: Clean Your DrySafe™ Evidence Drying Locker.

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The following instructions should be observed for the cleaning of the DrySafe™ evidence drying cabinet.

1) Turn “BLOWER” on. Don appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

2) Inside each chamber of your DrySafe, lower outer wall, you will find a grid with vertical slots. There will be black knobs (6) surrounding this grid. Loosen these knobs without removing them. Once loosened slide the grid toward you (front of cabinet) to close off the HEPA filter. Tighten the black knobs to secure the grid into the closed position. Closing this section will protect the HEPA filter during the cleaning process. Attention should be given not to over tighten the knobs; they will strip. Only tighten to firm, by hand.

3) Unscrew and remove the perforated cover on the ceiling of the chamber and replace with one of the two solid HEPA covers and then replace the screw knobs. This will cover the main HEPA filters and protect the filters from getting wet. There is a Pre-filter velcroed to the perforated cover, which will be removed and set aside.

4) While shelves are in the “up” position, spray SPORICIDIN on all inside surfaces of the cabinet and underside of shelves. DON’T SPRAY THE INSIDE OF THE DOOR.

5) Lower shelves and spray their topsides, making sure that spray coats inside holes.

6) Spray sponge with SPORICIDIN and wipe down the inside of the door.

7) Return shelves to “up” position.

8) Before closing door, remove PPE and dispose of properly.

9) Close door and latch. Turn “Blower” off for at least 20 minutes.

10) After 20 minutes, don appropriate PPE.

11) Open cabinet and remove pre-filter from ceiling; package as potential trace evidence.

12) Using a household detergent solution and sponge, thoroughly wipe down the door and inside surfaces of the cabinet. WHEN FINISHED SQUEEZE OUT SPONGE AND EMPTY THE BUCKET INTO THE BOTTOM OF THE CABINET.

13) Attach hose to pump fixture (if not already); put open end in waste liquid container. Press “PUMP” on control panel to pump out waste solution.

14) Turn “PUMP” off when the cabinet is empty. DON’T RUN THE PUMP WHEN THE CABINET IS EMPTY OR DRY. Dump contents of waste container in sink or toilet. Remove PPE and dispose of properly. Store bucket and sponge to dry.

15) Loosen black knobs that hold the grids in place. Slide the grid to the rear of the cabinet to open up air in-take for HEPA. Once the grid is slide to the rear of the cabinet tighten the black knobs once again to hold the grid in the open position. This will now allow air to be drawn through the Cabinet again. Attention should be given not to over tighten the knobs; they will strip. Only tighten to firm, by hand.

16) Install new Pre-filter in cabinet ceiling and replace the solid HEPA cover with the perforated top HEPA cover.

17) Close all three latches to seal door. Lock middle latch.

18) Label and initial blue tie band. Secure locked latch to hasp with tie band.

19) Turn “BLOWER” on until cabinet is dry (minimum 20 minutes). TURN “POWER” OFF.

If you have any questions, please call (905) 825-5782 to discuss your needs with one of AirClean Systems Canada’s trained representatives.


Why So Many Industries Rely On AirClean Systems’ Activated Carbon Filters

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Activated carbon filters are used by a surprising range of industries that need to remove fumes, vapours and dust from the air. While many people think of activated carbon air filters as either something to put on their furnace or used in a high school or college laboratory, these filters are used by dozens of industries. In fact, they are often used in fume hoods, workstations and a variety of industry-specific containment systems.


Industries Protecting Employees

One of the primary reasons an activated carbon filter is used in an industrial situation is to protect employees from potentially hazardous fumes, vapour or dust. Hospitals and research labs often use these filters to protect their employees from the fumes of potent disinfecting solutions. In some research facilities, exposure to powerful toxins is possible if a fume hood or carbon filter isn’t in place.


Industries Protecting Products Or Experiments

The protection of an activated carbon filter is also critical if a laboratory, research facility or hospital is developing proprietary formulas for medical compounds or solutions. This is particularly important in the biotech arena, where researchers are frequently working with samples that are extremely delicate and susceptible to contamination from their environment. Ducted and recirculating fume hoods are capable of filtering contaminants out of the immediate environment so that fragile biologics aren’t compromised.


Industries That Use Activated Carbon Filters To Protect The User, The Environment And The Product

Of course, most industries that want to protect their products or experiments also want to protect the environment and their people from being exposed to potential toxins. In many clinical and research situations, the system that keeps the air clean enough for proper research is also the system that will protect a doctor or researcher from exposure to irritating or dangerous vapours. The forensic sciences rely heavily on activated carbon filters to protect the environment, the evidence and the scientist using the equipment. Technology driven industries such as those that produce microchips and electrical systems also rely on fume hoods. They use air extraction systems to shield their products from environmental contamination while protecting employees from dust as a by-product of production procedures.


To find the right activated carbon filter solution for your industry, call (905) 825-5782 to discuss your needs with one of AirClean Systems Canada’s trained representatives, or fill out our application worksheet.